Sunday, January 4, 2009

I really do have a heart.....

So it finally happened.... I really do have a heart and I feel like a real girl now. I can honestly say that up until New Years day this year I have never cried in a movie. Get your jaws off the floor.... it is true, I have never cried in Titanic, A Walk to Remember, or the Notebook.... none. But just to clear something up, it is not like I dont feel touched by those movies, because I do, I get chills and feel sad, but it has never brought me to tears. Well when my family went to see Marley and Me this last week this movie was so sad. It brought me to tears because I could relate with them, and I knew what they were going thru. I think the reason I have never cried before it that I have never been dignosed with cancer and met the love of my life and had to try to live my life to the fullest. I guess in general I have never been torn away from the love of my life and so I cant really relate to any of those movies. Marley and me on the other hand, I have had two different dogs that my family has loved to death, (well my family loved one, I personally loved both), but I have lived the stuggles of owning a dog and how there are times that you are so frustrated with them, but you love them so much that you would never get rid of them. So therefore at the end I have lived that exact situation.. I wont ruin it for those who havent seen it, But I could totally relate and so I relived those feelings I felt when I went thru it. All in all it was such a good movie, it makes me want a dog even more than I already do, but someday when I have my own house I can get one, until then, I will just have to watch Marley and Me, but not the last 1/2 hour.... I dont want to cry anymore, I have to keep my tough image.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009... Here I come!!!

I am so excited for 2009. I feel like it is going to be a great year, and I am excited to feel like I can start fresh... out with the old... in with the new!!! So therefore.... of course every year I like to think back on the year before and evaluate what I want to do different this year..... new years resolutions here I come!!!
1. To be more one time... I have a really bad habit of being late to everywhere I go. My family makes fun of me and says that I just like to make an entrance, but really that is not true. I think I have a problem with estimating how long it truly takes me to get ready, I like to think of my self as being pretty quick at getting ready, but I am beginning to think that is not true.... and since I am not willing to get ready less... I will have to plan more time.... which means less sleep... but hopefully I can lose the reputation of always being the late one...
2. To get in shape... I know this is the typical new years resolution that you hear from everyone, but the time has come to get serious. I have had some real eye openers this last year that has taught me that being fit is more than just having a nice butt in a pair of jeans... even though that is a nice plus. I have seem many people struggle this year with health problems that could have been easily avoided by maintaining a healthy weight and staying active. As I see people age, it is just shows me how important being healthy really is. So this is the year for me to get my body in shape and to become a healthy girl!!! You will be seeing a lot less of me this year!!!
3. Be more faithful as attending my church meetings... Ok I admit I have been a major slacker this year at going to church regularly. I just seem to always find an excuse to miss church on Sundays... it doesnt help that my church was at 8:45 and I love sleeping. This year is the year for me to recommit myself to living the gospel more fully. I can honestly say that there has never been a time that I have gone to church and then after thought... I really wish I would have stayed in bed instead of going to church, but I know I have regretted not going to church. I love the feeling of a really spiritual meeting, nothing is better!
4. Get out of debt and establish a good savings account... I can say that 2008 has been a good year for me in improving this area of my life, but that there is always room for more improvement. This year I want to keep growing my savings account and to become more financially stable. Now is the time in my life when I am minimal bills and I should take total advantage of that.
5. Be cleaner... I am not very good at keeping my spaces clean... such as my room, my car and my office. For some reason I think that because it is mine that it is ok for it to be messy because I still know where everything is, but I have noticed that I find myself feeling embarassed and apologizing many times for my messes. My life would be so much easier if I was more tidy...
6. Get rid of this crazy eczema on my fingers... It is the weirdest thing but this last summer I developed this really bad rash on my fingers and they became really dry and got huge cracks in them. I have no idea what started it, I have never seen it before in my life, but I am having a really hard time getting rid of it. The dermatologist told me that it was really severe eczema and gave me some steroid cream to put on it, well that was working for a while, but it never completely solved the problem. Well now I have it more in control than it has ever been with only one crack, but I hope to fight this and have it gone once and for all
7. Take tennis lessons... For many years I have wanted to take tennis lessons. I have no idea what my facination is with learning how to play, but I have talked about taking lessons for many years. Well now that I have moved my gym membership to the Ogden Athletic Club, I am finally going to take lessons. Im not the most coordinated person, and I am sure my instructor will have many laughs watching me try to play, but I am excited to spend some time out on the courts.
Well I think that is all I will try to do this year, I dont want to overwhelm myself to much and then not be able to achieve all I want to do. I hope that 2009 is ready.... because here I come!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It really happened

I always knew that Bronson was really going to boot camp and that he joined the military, but it never really hit me. We took him down to Salt Lake yesterday so he could stay down there over night and he left this morning to Missouri. It is so weird to think that he is gone. It was a very emotional experience for me. I am really going to miss him. But he gets to come back at Christmas so that is exciting!!!! It has only been less than 24 hours and I already cant wait to see him. I have gone days with out seeing him at home and it was fine, but just knowing he is out there all alone makes me really miss him. He is the best kid, dont get me wrong he has his bad times, and we would fight, but he also is one of the nicest guys I know. I never had any sisters, but I have felt very fortunate to have two great brothers.

In the car on the way to Salt Lake

Crazy But Fun Weekend....

So this last weekend was busy but lots of fun. It all started Friday I only worked half a day at work because my friend Rosy invited me to go with her and the girls from her work to Disney on Ice. I had not been there in such a long time, I know I went as a kid, but I dont really remember it. It was really fun, and the girls from her work were so nice.

All the Princesses with their Princes

Then after that was over at my house we were having a going away party for my little brother who has joined the military and was leaving for boot camp Monday. It was really good to see my exteneded family and friends that we dont get to see very much. We had a really good turn out, so that is always nice to know that he is so supported. He is such a cute kid, I am going to really miss him!!!

I know you probably thought I was done... But then Saturday came and I went to the New Kids On The Block Concert. I think I was a little to young for them, because I didnt really know any of their songs other than their newer ones, but it still was a way fun concert. It was extremely cheesy, and the dancing was really corny, but it was so fun. There were so many 35 year old ladies living their dream from when they were 12. It was really interesting to watch.

Lady GaGa and Natasha Beddingfield Opened for them

The Dramatic Opening....

Bruce didnt like the concert very much, which is totally expected, he didnt know how he got roped into going in the first place, and I liked it because it was really fun dancing and being crazy, and of course Jarad liked it too. So all in all it was a really fun weekend.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So i know this post is super late, but as you can tell I am not really very good at updating my blog, but I just thought I should post some pics from Halloween. My friend Rosy and a party and it was a very fun....Dont laugh to hard at my bangs....

Me And My Favorite Little Bubble Bee Rosy

Me the 80's aerobic girl, Jarad the banana, and Bruce the military man

Foxy Cleopatra, Rosy, me and Alyssa, all the girls that were there at first

The Boys In My Life....

As many of you know I have the privledge of watching these little boys every Tuesday and sometimes other nights during the week, and can I just say I dont think I could love two little boys more. They are absolutely adorable. They are the funniest kids I have ever met. I know most of you get to hear their little stories of the silly things they do and say, but I just cant help talking about them. They make me so happy. When I am not able to see them for more than a week I go crazy and miss them like crazy. So I just wanted to do a little post about the darling boys in my life. Maddox and Brody... love you boys!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tag I'm It....8 Things...

8 TV Shows I watch.... No laughing...

1. The Hills

2. Lipstick Jungle

3. Paris Hiltons My New BFF... I said no laughing!!!

4. Americas Next Top Model

5. The Office

6. The Tyra Show

7. The Soup

8. The Bachelor... when it starts again!!! So excited for Jason!!!

8 Favorite Restaurants

1. Cafe Rio

2. Tona

3. Melting Pot

4. Cheesecake Factory

5. Icheban

6.Red Robin

7. Taiphoon

8.California Pizza Kitchen

8 Things That Happened Yesterday

1. Worked All Day

2. Studied for Nutrition

3. Took My Nutrition Test

4. Went Tanning

5. Play Settlers Of Catan With My Family... and won!!!

6. Went To Dinner With My Family

7. Met Cody At Starbucks

8. Went On A Drive With Cody and Meag

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To


2. Christmas

3. Holidays With The Family

4. School To Be Over

5. Getting In Shape

6. Nannying My Favorite Little Boys Tonight

7. Halloween Party

8. This Months Upcoming Concerts

8 Things On My Wish List

1. New Red Nanocramatic iPod

2. Get My Lazy Butt To The Gym

3. Get Out Of Debt

4. That Bronson Really Likes The Military

5. My Grandpas Health Keeps Improving

6. To Always Be Happy

7. Finish School

8. My Family To Always Stay Close

8 Things I Love

1. Laughing

2. My Blankie

3. Rockband

4. Going Fishing With My Grandpa

5. Going 4 Wheeling With My Family

6. Naps

7. Going On Drives

8. Cuddling Up And Watching A Movie

8 Things I Can't Stand

1. Fighting And Contention

2. Getting Pulled Over

3. Being Sick

4. Catty Girls

5. Mayonaise

6. Being Sad

7.Folding My Laundry

8. Being Cold

I tag whoever wants to do this...