Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It really happened

I always knew that Bronson was really going to boot camp and that he joined the military, but it never really hit me. We took him down to Salt Lake yesterday so he could stay down there over night and he left this morning to Missouri. It is so weird to think that he is gone. It was a very emotional experience for me. I am really going to miss him. But he gets to come back at Christmas so that is exciting!!!! It has only been less than 24 hours and I already cant wait to see him. I have gone days with out seeing him at home and it was fine, but just knowing he is out there all alone makes me really miss him. He is the best kid, dont get me wrong he has his bad times, and we would fight, but he also is one of the nicest guys I know. I never had any sisters, but I have felt very fortunate to have two great brothers.

In the car on the way to Salt Lake

Crazy But Fun Weekend....

So this last weekend was busy but lots of fun. It all started Friday I only worked half a day at work because my friend Rosy invited me to go with her and the girls from her work to Disney on Ice. I had not been there in such a long time, I know I went as a kid, but I dont really remember it. It was really fun, and the girls from her work were so nice.

All the Princesses with their Princes

Then after that was over at my house we were having a going away party for my little brother who has joined the military and was leaving for boot camp Monday. It was really good to see my exteneded family and friends that we dont get to see very much. We had a really good turn out, so that is always nice to know that he is so supported. He is such a cute kid, I am going to really miss him!!!

I know you probably thought I was done... But then Saturday came and I went to the New Kids On The Block Concert. I think I was a little to young for them, because I didnt really know any of their songs other than their newer ones, but it still was a way fun concert. It was extremely cheesy, and the dancing was really corny, but it was so fun. There were so many 35 year old ladies living their dream from when they were 12. It was really interesting to watch.

Lady GaGa and Natasha Beddingfield Opened for them

The Dramatic Opening....

Bruce didnt like the concert very much, which is totally expected, he didnt know how he got roped into going in the first place, and I liked it because it was really fun dancing and being crazy, and of course Jarad liked it too. So all in all it was a really fun weekend.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So i know this post is super late, but as you can tell I am not really very good at updating my blog, but I just thought I should post some pics from Halloween. My friend Rosy and a party and it was a very fun....Dont laugh to hard at my bangs....

Me And My Favorite Little Bubble Bee Rosy

Me the 80's aerobic girl, Jarad the banana, and Bruce the military man

Foxy Cleopatra, Rosy, me and Alyssa, all the girls that were there at first

The Boys In My Life....

As many of you know I have the privledge of watching these little boys every Tuesday and sometimes other nights during the week, and can I just say I dont think I could love two little boys more. They are absolutely adorable. They are the funniest kids I have ever met. I know most of you get to hear their little stories of the silly things they do and say, but I just cant help talking about them. They make me so happy. When I am not able to see them for more than a week I go crazy and miss them like crazy. So I just wanted to do a little post about the darling boys in my life. Maddox and Brody... love you boys!!!