Friday, October 24, 2008

Tag I'm It....8 Things...

8 TV Shows I watch.... No laughing...

1. The Hills

2. Lipstick Jungle

3. Paris Hiltons My New BFF... I said no laughing!!!

4. Americas Next Top Model

5. The Office

6. The Tyra Show

7. The Soup

8. The Bachelor... when it starts again!!! So excited for Jason!!!

8 Favorite Restaurants

1. Cafe Rio

2. Tona

3. Melting Pot

4. Cheesecake Factory

5. Icheban

6.Red Robin

7. Taiphoon

8.California Pizza Kitchen

8 Things That Happened Yesterday

1. Worked All Day

2. Studied for Nutrition

3. Took My Nutrition Test

4. Went Tanning

5. Play Settlers Of Catan With My Family... and won!!!

6. Went To Dinner With My Family

7. Met Cody At Starbucks

8. Went On A Drive With Cody and Meag

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To


2. Christmas

3. Holidays With The Family

4. School To Be Over

5. Getting In Shape

6. Nannying My Favorite Little Boys Tonight

7. Halloween Party

8. This Months Upcoming Concerts

8 Things On My Wish List

1. New Red Nanocramatic iPod

2. Get My Lazy Butt To The Gym

3. Get Out Of Debt

4. That Bronson Really Likes The Military

5. My Grandpas Health Keeps Improving

6. To Always Be Happy

7. Finish School

8. My Family To Always Stay Close

8 Things I Love

1. Laughing

2. My Blankie

3. Rockband

4. Going Fishing With My Grandpa

5. Going 4 Wheeling With My Family

6. Naps

7. Going On Drives

8. Cuddling Up And Watching A Movie

8 Things I Can't Stand

1. Fighting And Contention

2. Getting Pulled Over

3. Being Sick

4. Catty Girls

5. Mayonaise

6. Being Sad

7.Folding My Laundry

8. Being Cold

I tag whoever wants to do this...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Total Woman...

So as most people know, I am quite girly. Really can you blame me? What girl deep down inside really doesnt want to be a princess? I know I do!!! So over the years I am very observant of the female gender and some might say I am a harsh judge, but really I just have high expectations for girls. Anyways.... over the years I have not found a better example of the perfect woman other than the one and only.... Elle Woods. Now before you start your snickering, let me give you very good examples of what I mean....

First off the confidence Elle radiates is like no other. She is able to wear anything and look great in it. I mean really who else do you know could pull off a pink leather suit?

She is not afraid to go after what she wants. As you will remember Warner Huntington III. He was the love of her life. He left her because he thought she was just a blonde bimbo, and so she decided she was willing to do whatever to get him back. She did all she had to to be excepted into Harvard Law School, which obviously couldnt be to easy. She was willing to do what she needed to to prove to him she was more than just a pretty face.

She is true to herself. She figured that since she was going to Harvard Law School she was going to be the best student she could be. So naturally she wanted to be in the select few that got to be one of Calahans interns. Well when Calahan started hitting on her she decided that is not who she was and that she was not going to put out to get herself good grades she left the internship to many peoples surprise.

She is true to others. She was asked to handle the Brooke Windom Case and she had inside information about Brooke, but was sworn to secrecy and vowed she would not share what she knew. She held true to that and found other ways to win her case. She would not do anything to backstab or jepordize her friendship.

Elle is willing to be friends with those who are not of her "status". Look at Paulette, she is simply just plain trailor trash, but Elle still loves her and helps her get her dog back. And she teaches her the "bend and snap" to help the mail man to notice her.

I dont know about you, but I think these are all amazing qualities that make up the total woman. She posses so many other traits and I could go on for hours, but I think I have given sufficient examples to make my point. So I say... lets all try to be a little bit more "Elle".